The Craft of Context

Facebook at its core is a social platform where users sign in to look at and share information with people. This simple and fundamental statement is at the core of how we approach social advertising. Connecting people to your advertisement is about creating context for them. By giving Facebook users in your target audience group a visual story of what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to means users identify themselves with the Ad through the images and text. It’s about making Ads that convert by speaking to people.

High quality images help make Facebook Ads work. Using high quality custom images from your business will do well, however, if that’s not in your budget, we have an extensive library of stock photography specifically for this purpose. Hiring a photographer can significantly add to the costs, especially early on before narrowing down what types of images work best.

Just as testing text matters, so does testing which images work best such as the style of clothing a person wears in the photo, the colours in the image, or the emotion the image evokes.

Influence Audience Behaviour

Typically there are over 970 different variables associated with a person’s Facebook profile that are available for use to build an Ad and target users with. These variables include all the usual things like age, gender, location, and device-type. However, there are also unique values like such as interests and behaviours offline.

Through their data partnerships, Facebook is able to identify a target audience for an Ad based on how much money the people in the audience make, whether or not they just bought a car, and even their relationship status. The amount of Ad targeting possibilities are massive. Facebook really is an exciting marketplace for building an audience to ensure as many people view the Ads as possible. There is a huge amount of information to leverage, the key though is making sure you’re utilising these resources properly.

A common mistake is simply determining one interest in a very large location as their target audience. For instance, a hardware store targeting any Facebook user with an interest in gardening in the New Zealand. Targeting that is too broad is the biggest mistake most people make. The real power of Facebook advertising is the ability to narrow it down to a specific audience.

Testing Engagement

Continuously testing numerous variables means being able to optimise campaigns using this data. Optimising Ad performance means a better conversion rate among other things. Testing everything on Facebook is important because click through rate is a core determinant in what it’s going to cost to advertise on the platform. Just as there is a Quality Score in AdWords, Relevancy Score in Facebook acts as a metric in the auction that determines what you pay. Therefore, Ads that are converting improve your Relevancy Score and you’ll pay less for each enquiry.

It’s not surprising that with all this testing, Facebook advertising can be very hands on. For example, to improve Ad performance, and thus reduce cost per enquiry, it’s important to stop poor performing Ads and tweak and retest well performing Ads.

This of course needs balancing with the fact that it is possible that Ads may have a low click through rate and a high conversion rate, so it’s important to look at the full picture.

Bid Management

Facebook advertising, like Google AdWords, has different ways in which to manage the advertising spend. Facebook has both Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Thousand impressions (CPM). Choosing the right one for a campaign is important, using the wrong one for a business, industry, or location can result in higher costs per enquiry.

SIMCast® Essential Engagement

From the crisp banner images to the logo image perfectly sized, we make sure the the moment a customer lands on your business page, you’re putting your best foot forward, right down to the the custom greeting.

The design of the Facebook page has its foundations in the terms and conditions that Facebook requires business users to adhere to. Our highly skilled team of experts will set up your business page effectively using your branding. Our team will make sure that your Facebook traffic is secure and becomes a key piece of your marketing strategy.

Your page becomes completely unique to you and your team, delivering insights into the hours you trade, the services you offer, and lets you tell your customers your story.

All this lays over a highly sophisticated platform that allows us to set your business in front of 1.9 million Kiwis using Facebook 14 time a day on average.

One Off Set-Up Fee $1,497+gst

No additional charges, one fee covering all Components

SIMCast® (Ai) Influence

Facebook ads Bring your page to life over the past few years Facebook have slowly reduced the visibility of business pages in organic feed results. Your Organic reach could be as low as 0.5% of your Fans.

The good news is with Facebook ads we can target location, demographics,, age, gender, interest, behaviours and connections and all this information is provided to us by the Facebook user themselves through the Profile they build and they pages they like as search on Facebook.

Once we find an audience that converts at a high rate we can clone it and then reach out to New people who have similar interests and behaviours and are therefore more likely to be interested in your business. Using this approach takes the guess work out of your marketing and an increase in sales far more likely

With all this in place were then able to accelerate the exposure by simply allowing users to share the ad’s organically giving a whole new meaning to Word of mouth.

Starting at  $997+gst Per Month

No additional charges, one fee covering all Components

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