SEO Platform Driven by Ai

RECast® offers a different perspective on search engine optimisation, merging highly efficient SEO techniques with SEMCast® artificial intelligence PPC management platform.

RECast® has been built to deliver the maximum conversions possible from organic ranking by pinpointing keywords that actually achieve results rather than using the ‘shotgun’ approach offered by the majority of digital marketing providers.

Achieving extraordinary results for New Zealand business with Machine learning (ML) & Artificial intelligence (Ai) Illustration represents enquiry rates by industry for current SEMCast® New Zealand Business. Only paid searches resulting in an email or call (answered) are reported e.g across all plumbers, 41% of every click from Google results in an answered call or email.

Google Adword

Across all business types and budget sizes globally, the accounts using SEMCast® partnered machine learning technology are outcompeting those that aren’t, giving advertisers an advantage.

In terms of account performance over time, at least two-thirds saw a reduction in CPC, while 59% saw an increase in clicks. Of the accounts who were optimized for conversions, an average increase of 71% was observed.

SEMCast® client’s conversion (enquiry) rate from Google AdWords currently ranks in the top 2% globally.

Machine Learning (ML)
Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have redefined marketing and advertising, being able to solve more complex problems and scenarios with greater precision while using more data, faster than ever before.

The ability of AI to predict the source of a client’s next customer offers a massive advantage over competitors, namely, automated processing and evaluation of this data has turned insight into foresight.

As an example: by the time a potential customer has decided to buy a new car, fix a tap, or to either eat out or order in, machine learning will have already geo targeted their location, chosen a campaign with an Ad group that contains an Ad triggered by a specific keyword that will be searched by an old model mobile phone with a limited browser at 6:47pm on a Tuesday, and raised a bid to deliver a search result ready and waiting for ‘Thai takeaways near me’

High Performance
Total Solution with
No Long Term Contract

The primary objective of the SEMCast® Platform is to deliver high return marketing, SEMCast® is so effective in achieving ROI that no long term contracts are required, this allows clients to continue utilising SEMCast® based on performance not fineprint.

Priced From $833p/m (all components)

The initial term is four months, this is to allow for Machine Learning to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Following the initial 4-month term client is free to adjust SEMCast® spend up, down, pause or cease at clients sole discretion, with 30 days notice.

No additional charges, one fee covering all Components

SEMCast® Conversion
September 2017

Client Dominance Over Competitors Significantly Increased Following Machine Learning Integration. Across all clients, calls & emails from Google averaged a staggering 1530% higher than current global average of 2.35%.

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